It All Started…

In 2007, Chris, Brian, and friends planted their first 8 rhizomes in their garden very stoked at the idea of home-brewing with their own hops!  After pounding their first harvest ale and loving every gulp, they expanded to 32 plants the following year.  By year three, there 100 hills in the garden (vegetables got the boot!).  Four years ago, Climbing Bines Hop Farm was established and roughly 1,500 hills were planted spanning 7 cultivars.

In 2012, Matt joined the party and after many nights of long discussions and crazy ideas, we began renovation of Chris’s grandfather’s old farm shed in October 2013.  Brian took the role of lead carpenter, electrician, etc. and worked full time throughout the winter and spring with a great crew of our boys who we can’t thank enough for the time and commitment they devoted to our dream.

After an absolutely insane summer of late nights, early mornings, and forgetting what day it even was, Climbing Bines Craft Ale Company opened it’s doors on August 17th, 2013!  We are very blessed to have had such amazing support from our wonderful friends and loving families!  It wouldn’t have been possible
without you!