Climbing Bines Donation Requests

We are dedicated to giving a helping hand to organizations in our local community. We donate to causes that meet our criteria in the pursuit of promoting charitable organizations and improving our local community.

The Charitable Pursuit

We have had the opportunity to donate to multiple charitable organizations that have benefited people in a positive manner. We also donate to local business with the anticipation to stimulate business growth and improve our local community. When considering the donation for an organization, those two factors are the most crucial upon our review.

Climbing Bines Donation Guidelines

  Organizations will be granted a preference if they fit our charitable pursuit.

      A representative from the organization must come to Climbing Bines to receive the donation.

                    If a representative from the organization cannot be present, contact Brianne Hansen (email listed in form below).

      We do not make monetary donations.

Alternate Outcome

In an unfortunate situation Climbing Bines is unable to honor your request for a donation, certain circumstances may be presented where we invite you to submit an additional application form for renegotiation.

Climbing Bines Donation Request Form